PlayStation 5 News A History of Gran Turismo Explained

The PlayStation 5 will be released for sale across the UK on Thursday, November 19. Personally, we’re going to wait until the rush is over and may well continue to wait for at least another three months. Any new generation console will have early adopter issues. So our philosophy is to let those who are first in line first experience whatever problem the PlayStation 5 may, or may not have. And we might pick up a bargain come the new year.

Nevertheless, demand for the PlayStation 5 will be high, to the extreme. And people will to go any length simply to get the bragging rights, be it social media or social distancing. The PS5 will retail for around £450, not including accessories and games. Many may well end up spending close to £1,000.

And PlayStation 5 games will be more expensive with big-budget AAA titles costing anywhere from £70 to £100. That said the PS5 is actually a bargain. In terms of spec, it’s closer to an entry-level gaming PC which typically retails for £1,000. In the console games industry hardware has always been the sacrificial lamb.

The real money is made from the software, the games. And one game we here at DCBB HQ are waiting for is Gran Turismo 7. But it may be a long wait, it isn’t due to be released until the first half of 2021. And it could well be delayed because in the games industry a delayed-release is commonplace.

The PS5 will offer killer graphics and in the publicity trailer, Gran Turismo 7 is looking stunning so far. It is the only console game that gets anywhere near to a PC sim racing experience. Yet it also has a pickup and play element for the least skilled out there.

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