Carwow’s Mat Watson Begins New Career As A Professional Gurner To Combat Furlough Stress

Carwow’s Mat Watson has started a new career as a professional Gurner. The Covid-19 Pandemic forced Watson into furlough. After being holed up in his rundown 1 room bedsit and with nothing better to do, Watson received a message from god. And God said unto Mat Watson “begin a new life as a pro-Gurner”.

If you are reading this from America, in the UK a Gurner is a nickname given to somebody who deliberately pulls their face into a silly or unpleasant shape.

Anyway, in other news, I think we (DCB HQ) may have upset a few people over at Carwow. Ever since we called out Mercedes for being morally and ethically corrupt. It just so happens Mercedes has quite a few shares in Carwow. Let’s just say we won’t be getting any Christmas cards from Carwow anytime soon.

Legal Disclaimer:

Mat Watson is not starting a new career as a Pro Gurner and he does not live in a rundown 1 room bedsit. As of November 2020, Mat Watson continues to review cars for Carwow.

Mercedes is morally and ethically corrupt. (Sorry Carwow, we just can’t help ourselves)

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