Lord Aleem is Back! And This Time He’s Wrapping His Bugatti Chiron Courtesy of Yiannimize

Lord Aleem is back! But where has he been? He decided to take a one-year sabbatical from the YouTube scene. Turns out he was working on business things. And it turns out he now has a content team, to assist with the YouTube. And it turns out he purchased a £3 million Bugatti Chiron during his time away. As one does.

Admittedly we have missed the self-styled Lord, it’s good to have him back in the limelight. The brother has access to a fleet of supercars courtesy of his father’s supercar and luxury car hire business.

And he takes his Bugatti Chiron to get it wrapped by non-other than Yiannimize. I can’t believe we call him Lord Aleem, but it’s good to be bad.

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