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Be it moving your house or office, you cannot take a chance when hiring a truck service. While there’s no dearth of services in Adelaide, finding a reliable service may appear to be an arduous task. Whether you want to move equipment, heavy goods or any other valuables, ensuring that they are transported safely within the specified time is something you can’t overlook.

Top-rated van service will always provide you with regularly serviced and well-maintained vehicles. You can check out agencies such as CVG Hire in Adelaide to avail of uninterrupted and dependable services. Keeping a few things in mind before renting a truck service can be helpful. Here are some tips that can guide you in the process of finding the appropriate services in Adelaide.

The truck size

If you are relocating to a new house, you may have a lot of things to be shifted. Once, you’ve made an inventory of all your belongings and boxes, the next step would be to figure out how much room it would require in a truck to be transported from your existing location to the new place

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Hiring a small vehicle would mean having to repeat trips. Of course, this is bound to cost you more both in terms of money and time. Also, the process of many trips can add on to your stress. Renting a service that can make provisions for a van size to accommodate maximum things at once would be cost-effective.

Check if the service provider can help you with the process of drawing an estimate of how many vehicles would be required for loading your belongings. Make sure that you don’t book too big truck if you don’t have too many things as that would also lead to overspending.
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License and insurance

Renting any service calls for a few basic checks and when it involves your valuables you certainly wouldn’t want to take a chance. When appointing a contractor make sure that the agency has a license from the necessary authorities in Adelaide for such an operation


Not only the agency but the vehicle they send for loading and unloading your belongings and the driver who would be driving the van carrying your goods should have a valid license. Also, any other staff appointed by the hired agency for lifting and placing the cargo on and off the vehicle should also have the required skill, experience and qualifications to smoothly complete the job.

A reputable van rental provider will provide you with insurance. This would ensure that any damage caused to your belongings in the transportation process would be compensated by the agency.

Get written quotations

Make sure you get everything discussed with the service provider in writing. Be it the cost of transporting the goods, the warranty extended on their services or any other verbal agreement, it should all be pronounced in the written contract and signed by both the parties.

If you are hiring for transportation services alone, you might need to keep all boxes ready to be shipped by the agency. For the packaging, you would require furniture pads, containers, bubble wrap, packing tape, ropes, straps etc. Check with your provider if they also have the logistics for packing.

Regardless of the agency you appoint, it is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the truck, its features including capacity, safety along with the route it would be taking. Most top-rated services in Adelaide are likely to follow the road rules, be it adhering to the vehicle limits, height restrictions or clearances needed to navigate through bridges or underpasses.

Evaluate your options

Just finding one service and hiring them may not be a great idea. Doing a little research can help you negotiate better in many ways. You can look up options on the internet or ask for references from friends and family to help you with trustworthy service providers.

You can also read up customer testimonials and reviews on the website of shortlisted truck rental service providers to get a fair idea of the quality of transportation service they provide. The site should also share credentials of the rental company enabling you to match it with your requirements.

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With a little online research, you may also be able to ask for quotations from more than one company. This will help you compare rates and make a comprehensive decision. Also, remember that the lowest rate may not be the best quote always as there could be hidden costs. It is always important to have the complete offer explicitly mentioned in the quotation so that you can make an accurate comparison.

As a shipper, it would be in your best interest to be specific and transparent in your communication with the truck company. You can also use platforms where truck owners are active and list their vehicles for rent. By doing so, you can expect multiple truckers to bid for your requirement. Those ways you will be able to get a competitive quote.

It would be good if you can visit the company’s office in person, however, even if you are booking on technology-driven platforms, make sure you verify the service providers, details of the respective trucks and their drivers. Dependable truck hiring agencies will have registered themselves online for enhanced business practice and identity.

Avoid putting valuables while transferring goods via hired heavy-load vehicles. It is better to avoid shipping precious items, jewellery, etc via hired transportation services. Even if the company offers insurance, it wouldn’t cover the cost of such pricey valuables. Hence, it’s better not to take risk no matter as they can get misplaced with other things around, causing unnecessary losses.

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Before hiring a truck on rent, you must read all the terms and conditions of the provider.

Moving from one place to another could entail some unexpected incidents and be informed from the beginning can help you approach the agency accordingly.

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