Made In Essex Lad on How To Do A Handbrake Turn

There is a region in Enger-land called The Essex, which is like another world within another planet. It is a world dominated by skin-head football hooligans and tattooed beer-swilling nationalists. The people of Essex are distinct from England, speak with a convoluted accent and finish every spoken and written sentence with the word “innit”. And the people of The Essex are responsible for making the Ford Fiesta become the best selling car in the UK. The latter is a crime against humanity.

But if you own a Ford Fiesta and live in The Essex then you are seen as a worthy member of the wider The Essex clan. The Fiesta is as much a part of Essex as The Essex is a part of… innit. Anyway, apart from acquiring many tattoos and fermenting a hostile environment The Essex Lad is always fighting for survival.

And one such toolkit required for The Essex Lad to survive the daily rigors of life is to acquire knowledge on how to perform a handbrake turn. Knowing how to perform a hand brake turn is an important step into a wider world for The Essex Lad, it is a coming of age moment.

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