Consumer Reports Ranks Tesla At The Bottom of 2020 New Car Reliability Survey

Tesla model Y Reliability Survey Dailycarblog

Consumer Reports has ranked Tesla as the 25th out of 26th least reliable car brands. Meanwhile, the top five most reliable cars is headed by Mazda, Toyota, Lexus, Buick and Honda. Porsche fell five places to 9th and the top 10 was rounded up by Dodge. German premium brands do not fair well in any reliability survey, BMW was placed 12th in the Consumer Reports survey, Mercedes 20th and Volkswagen was a woeful 24th. The Consumer Reports reliability survey score is calculated on a 0-100 point scale, with the average rating falling between 41 and 60 points. 

The non-profit organization is one of the few motoring publications to actually retain an independent editorial stance. The website is not beholden to advertising revenue. Therefore it is the true definition of independent journalism, which is a rarity. To that end, the annual Consumer Reports reliability survey is the equivalent of a public flogging.

Tesla was dragged down the order due to the introduction of the Model Y compact SUV. The Model Y has been beset with multiple issues. The survey found that owners reported misaligned body panels which, in one case, prevented the rear hatch from shutting. Another Model Y owner also reported dust and debris, and one owner even reported hair embedded in the paint finish.

Volkswagen was by far the worst of the European manufacturers, positioned just 1 place ahead of Tesla.

Consumer Reports 2020 new Car Reliability Survey:

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2020 Consumer Reports New car Survey daily car blog


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