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This is The New Derivative Looking Honda Civic

2021 Honda Civic Daily Car Blog

Honda has revealed the new 2022 Honda Civic, apparently, the car was revealed live via the Amazon Prime owned streaming service Twitch. If you have never heard of Twitch, it’s where gamers go to die in their PU Leather Gaming Chairs. Presumably, Honda paid a lot of money to Amazon for access to Twitch’s marketing data. They must have realized that the next generation of Civic buyers are shooting, killing, beheading, posing as Nazis, and using foul language all within the virtual gaming world.

Not much was revealed during the live presentation. We do know the 11th generation Civic will be showroom ready (be it virtual or physical) in America by around mid-2021. Expect to see the new Civic arrive in UK showrooms… we don’t know when. The new Civic will surely carry over model trims and engine specifications from the previous generation. But expect to see minor power and driveability upgrades. And expect a price increase of between $1000/2000.

2021 Honda Rear Civic Daily Car Blog

So that leaves us with the exterior and interior. The exterior design language is rather dour, like a Scottish pheasant just before it is shot to death. But the interior seems to be far more interesting. Notably, it is very minimal. Hondas of past eras were rather heavy with the physical button layout. Not so with 11th gen Civic.

2021 Honda Civic interior Daily Car Blog

The asking price? that’s easy… we don’t know yet. We’re motoring journalists we tend to feed off and believe whatever a press release tells us to do. A press release is less informative, more like a set of instructions. Top-quality journalism.

Can someone tell the Honda photographers to turn up the lights next time?

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