This Isn’t A Scene From A Tom Cruise Movie, It Really Happened

Imagine an action movie about a domesticated shopper just going about his everyday business. And the movie stars Tom Cruise, a normal average guy living his life day-by-day. Shopping, watching TV, playing video games, working from home etc. Admittedly it’s not the basis of a good script. But a few seconds of the movie is interrupted by a dramatic moment and then it’s back to normal life. Roll credits.

It turns out normal life is more unexpectedly exciting and rather more dangerous than a Tom Cruise movie as one unsuspecting shopper found out. The incident happened in Greater London, an impatient Audi driver attempts to overtake a tow truck on a quiet suburban street.

The maneuver didn’t go as planned, the Audi clips the tow truck and flips into a barrel roll nearly collecting a pedestrian who realized at the last moment what was happening behind him. He managed to scuttle away to safety as the Audi barrel-rolled towards him. 

But the real question is, what has happened to Audi drivers?

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