TJ Hunt Shows off His Car Collection, Just To Show How Much You Failed in Life

We here at DCB HQ have always said that any media company requires a full suite of modern digital platforms. From social media to video content platforms, hell even Tik Tok god damn it. But you have got to do it well, have a personality and offer something unique. The latter is a difficult skill to acquire. And that’s one reason why we don’t YouTube. Or Facebook. Or Instagram. Or Twitter. Very well.

If you have ‘that something’ then you will build a YouTube audience and subscriber base. Then, upon a sudden, YouTube will take notice and pay you to YouTube through an advertising partnership. And if you do well you can end up like TJ Hunt, his YouTube channel of the same name paid for his supercar collection.

Meanwhile, the Daily Car Blog is on a downward spiral, even the Dog and next door neighbors cat are disappointed with us. Such disapproving looks. Well, it’s back to the office, a tent on a windswept hill overlooking a bleak and featureless landscape. We will never be TJ Hunt.

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