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Red Bull Issues Diva Quit Threat: We Say, Farwell & Close The Door Behind You

Red Bull issue diva quit threat dailycarblog

Red Bull F1, often seen as the rock and roll party of the paddock, is threatening to quit Formula One. Many view this as a ploy, a cry for help, a temper tantrum, the diva who demands the coffee is served at a specific temperature. The team has been rocked by the sudden and unexpected decision of engine partner Honda to quit the sport at the end of the 2021 season. Honda has claimed that it wants to divert resources to make way for a carbon-neutral future… 50 years from now.

But I strongly believe that Honda decided to quit because Red Bull was beginning to show discontent with the V6 Hybrid powerplant. Red Bull threw Renault under the bus to partner up with Honda. And now Honda has thrown Red Bull under the bus rather than face the diva who wants the coffee served at a specific temperature.

Whereas Red Bull is lacking in all diplomacy, Honda has shown how to do diplomacy and how to act honorably. But Honda’s decision has left Red Bull scrambling to find a new engine partner. Ferrari is a possibility. Renault is an outside chance, but Red Bull arrogantly burnt a lot of bridges with that partnership.

Honda to leave F1 at the end of 2021 dailycarblog

Mercedes will not want to supply a team that could pose a threat. So indeed, Red Bull could well take up Honda’s solution of continuing to develop the Hybrid V6 in-house. But F1 engine development comes at a huge cost and Red Bull will rule that out if their diva demand for a 2022 engine freeze goes unheard.

And that is what the quit threat is all about. To save Red Bull from itself. If the diva doesn’t get the coffee served at the specific temperature the diva (Red Bull) will go into permanent exile. Formula One is a revolving door, teams have come and gone, nothing is permanent, the exception being Ferrari.

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