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BMW Given Design Lesson By Prior Design Who Just Made The M4 Look Awesome

It’s all about proportion BMW, it’s all about proportion. While BMW’s design team was held hostage by focus group opinions and the marketing team, Prior Design has given BMW a design styling lesson. BMW’s controversial new kidney grille design for the M3 and M4 hasn’t been universally accepted. We here at DCB HQ will never accept it. However many motoring journalists invited by BMW to preview the new M3 and M4 have said that the grille styling “grows” on them.

When you are invited to attend a function, whatever that may be, then you don’t insult your host. The problem is, motoring journalists routinely suffer from the equivalent of the Stockholm syndrome. They are so intertwined with a car manufacturers’ marketing department that they no longer know when day turns into night.

Prior Design does. The German-based aftermarket specialist is famed for designing and selling styling upgrades, alloy wheels, exhaust systems, aerodynamic and widebody conversions.

The automotive aftermarket masters have debuted how BMW should have approached the front grille and bumper design for the M4. And it looks far better for sure. It is what the BMW M4 deserves because it is a great driver’s car.

Nothing more to add other than stunning. Prior Design, just take our money now!

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