When Mo Vlogs Met Prince Marcus of Dubai… And His $100 Million Man Cave Haus

Mo Vlogs lives in Dubai as we all know. Turns out so does a real-life Prince. Not from the ruling Royal Family of Dubai but a real-life Prince from Germany. Germany’s Royalty has long since faded out of public view. Germany is a Republic and a Republic doesn’t do Royalty. Turns out Prince Marcus began his royal life as an apprentice butcher. He turned out to be a savvy businessman, so good that he spent time in jail for money laundering.

That makes you wonder how much laundered money did he manage to stash away. He bought his Royal title as you would buy a loaf of bread from a supermarket shelf. And I doubt that his Dubai mansion is worth $100 million, Mo Vlogs has a habit of exaggerating headlines to get the clickbait. His house is worth maybe, at best, $5 million.

And judging by the interior decor, it looks as though Prince Marcus sourced his furniture from Walmart. But he does have a man cave full of cars which is why we are featuring this particular video.

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