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Mechanic Jack Has A Gran Vision, A Hand Made Bugatti Replica

Mechanic Jack, whom we believe hails from China, is an ordinary mechanic by day and an ordinary mechanic by night. Mechanic Jack is in the business of repairing accident damaged vehicles. He appears not to have a workbench or workbench tools and simply crouches down on the floor when repairing what needs to be repaired.

Mechanic Jack applied this same working methodology in the building of his Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Concept replica. Whereas the concept is made from carbon fiber Jack’s car is entirely fabricated from steel. From the chassis to the exoskeletal structure upon which the steel panels are fixed into position.

Every part of the body is fabricated by hand using nothing more than a cutting machine and a welder. It isn’t an exact replica and we’re not sure if Jack is even using a blueprint. It all seems to be done by very good eye-hand coordination.

Not too sure if the car has the best crash structure in the world, but it looks so damn good.

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