Genderfluid Jaguar Land Rover Engineer Wins £180,000 in Damages After Being Bullied To Hell by Colleagues

JLR Internment Camp,

A former Jaguar Land Rover engineer who transitioned from male to female has won £180,000 in damages after taking her employer to court over a campaign of harassment and discrimination. Rose Taylor came out as gender fluid in 2017 and subsequently suffered a campaign of and abuse by her colleagues. A judge ruled in favour of Rose Taylor after hearing in-depth evidence of the abuse. Rose Taylor was subjected to jokes and constant insults and had access to the restroom restricted. She was often referred to as “it” by her colleagues.

Jaguar Land Rover put up an egregious defense, however, the Birmingham employment tribunal found that Jaguar Land Rover’s argument was “totally without merit”. The Equality Act of 2010 gives protection to gender-fluid and non-binary people. Campaigners have hailed the legal ruling in favor of Rose Taylor as a legal milestone.

Daily Car Blog’s Verdict:

This is the correct outcome, bullying and harassment have no place in the workplace. But sadly it will continue to happen. Jaguar Land Rover HR Manager, Dave Williams, said in a statement:

“We continue to strive to improve in this area and we respect the outcome of the case. Jaguar Land Rover does not tolerate discrimination of any kind.”

Daily Car Blog’s No Filter Response

Utter bullshit Dave, yet again Jaguar Land Rover trips over itself. The evidence is clear, it was laid bare in a court of law, Jaguar Land Rover has no interest in striving for anything. From our experience, they certainly tolerated Lindsey Dipple’s racism and bullying towards our colleague here at DCB HQ. And we don’t even work for the mother fuckers!

And when we stood up for ourselves we became persona non grata. Mind you we were already persona non-grata. We had nothing to lose, unlike poor Rose Taylor. There is something rotten at the heart of Jaguar Land Rover they are the Covid-19 of employers. If you work for these bastards you catch a distinct personality disorder.


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