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Bentley Motors to Be Placed Under The Direct Control of Audi

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Volkswagen owned Bentley Motors is being sent to the Gym in order to get financially fit. A rigorous new fitness regime is being developed by Herbert Diess (VW CEO) who plans to off-load overall responsibility of the Bentley brand into Audi’s luxury internment camp. In other words, Volkswagen is planning to cut development costs by aligning Bentley Motors with Audi. This will involve sharing technology, chassis, and engineering components.

Bentley Motors has long dissatisfied VW’s management board primarily for registering year-on-year losses. However, 2019 saw the ultra-luxury car brand record a profit. The 2020 pandemic will cause Bentley to fall out of favor with VW again. Volkswagen is also anticipating the looming financial impact yet to be caused by Brexit.

In the past VW has explored the possibility of ending volume production in Bentley’s UK production facility in favor of limited edition production units. However, efficiency savings and cost-cutting dissuaded VW from doing so. It is expected that both Audi and Bentley will be recipients of VW’s all-new PPE platform.

The Premium Platform Electric (PPE) is being developed for future Porsche electric cars. Audi and Bentley will almost certainly utilize PPE for future models. Next-gen electric Bentley’s will focus on a “sustainable luxury” business model.

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