For Lewis Hamilton, The Meaning of Life is 92

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Lewis Hamilton finally climbed to the top of statistical charts at the recent Portuguese Grand Prix. With 92 victories Hamilton usurps Michael Schumacher as the driver with the most F1 race wins. A record many thought would never be beaten. The two could not be more different. Schumacher was more machine than man, whereas Hamilton has an effortless style in and out of the car. However, both Hamilton and Schumacher share one key trait. And that is an ability to adjust their driving style to suit the characteristics of whatever car they are given and deliver results, consistently. Combine that with natural talent, application, unnatural speed and you have an unbeatable driver template.

There is no doubt that Hamilton’s Mercedes is the best car on the grid. And he demonstrated what the best driver on the grid can do with the best car during the Portuguese Grand Prix. Starting from pole, Hamilton dropped down to third and had to fight his way back into the lead. Thereafter he built up a 25-second gap over his teammate. This race alone demonstrated why Hamilton is so damn good right now. And he is just beginning to enter his peak.

Lewis Hamilton 92 Salute, dailycarblog

Many more victories await Hamilton, simply because he is in the best car of the moment. Bottas is a worthy team mate and has raised his game considerably to counter Hamilton. But even as good as Bottas is, Hamilton is always driving at a level that is marginally out of reach… every race weekend. Bottas can only get to that level, maybe twice a year. That’s the difference between the best and the greatest. 

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