New 2021 S Class Gets An X-Tomi Render Make Over

The 2021 S Class is here, but with new generation electric cars such as the Tesla Model S and the Lucid Air, one can make the argument that the S Class is no longer as advanced as the marketing boasts. Maybe 5 years ago the S Class marketing department could get away with making such phrases. The arrival of Tesla and now Lucid means that S Class remains firmly in the past because there will be no electric car variant. You can, of course, expect to see a 700bhp – 800bhp hybrid S Class which is a trip and fall in the right direction.

However, also expect to see a good old fashion 600bhp 4.0-litre twin turbo S Class AMG variant at some point in the next-generation S Class product life-cycle. The AMG S63, whenever it arrives, is fast… becoming the steam engine to the diesel engine train. That is to say, the pure electric car sedan from either Tesla or Lucid is making the S Class look rather old fashion by comparison.

X-Tomi S63 AMG Render dailycarblog
This is the actual 2021 S Class for comparison

However online digital render-man vis-a-vie digital artist, X-Tomi, has had one of his many shamanic visions and rendered the X-Tomi 2021 AMG S63. We can’t help but think that the 2021 S Class has morphed into a slighty bigger E Class, if one compares the exterior styling language-territory. That is to say, the 2021 S Class simply looks like a bigger E Class.


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