This Aston Martin Pretty Boy Gaming Chair Costs £57,500… STREWTH!

Aston Martin AMR-Co1 gaming chair green dialycarblog

If you can afford to buy an Aston Martin why on earth would you buy an eSport Aston Martin Racing gaming chair costing £57,000? Surely you have the real thing on your driveway that you (Aston Martin owner) can use on a daily basis. The AMR-C01 is built for the average home user, who presumably has an above-average income. However that above-average income is accumulated, the AMR-C01 is aimed at someone for some purpose. But let’s be realistic here, no true die-hard eSport sim-nerd would touch such a gaming setup.

And what’s more, you buy and equally if not superior rig for around £2,000 – £5,000. And for that, you can get seat actuators that simulator lateral and vertical forces. So why does this Aston Martin gaming chair cost so frigging much? First of all the AMR-C01 is designed by Aston Martin which means an Aston Martin Tax is applied to the overall cost. Secondly, the AMR-01 is handcrafted out of carbon fiber and made by Curv Racing Simulators.

Aston Martin AMR-Co1 gaming chair dialycarblog

There is no doubt that Curv Racing Simulators have done a very very nice job, but the AMR-C01 is also very, very expensive for what it is. Indeed Curv Racing Simulators is a relatively new company, and just happens to be owned by Darren Turner, an Aston Martin works driver. The company was established in January 2020 and also happens to be an official Aston Martin partner. Nudge-nudge, wink-wink, know what I’m sayin’ gov’ner?

If you want a proper semi-pro gaming chair then consider a proper semi-pro racing rig. The Force Dynamics gaming rig is a far more serious proposition and will simulate pitch, roll, yaw, and heave on all four axis. And guess what? It costs about the same as this pretty-boy gaming chair from Aston Martin.

Being an avid racing gamer, I would choose the Force Dynamics rig over this pretty boy AMR-CO1. Nice seat though.

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