This Volkswagen Skoda Octavia Right Fit Edition is Now Mildly Hybrid

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Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency is the name of the Volkswagen Skoda game. And the Volkswagen Skoda Octavia Right Fit Edition brings forth a more efficient less polluting future. And let’s face it, VW Skoda has plenty of experience of not being very efficient. Class action lawsuits will attest to that. And to account for their miscreant marketing campaigns Volkswagen Skoda, previously known as Skoda, is now bolting on Volkswagen mild hybrid technology to the 3-cylinder 1.0-litre TSi e-TEC.

The 108bhp TSI e-TEC features a 48-volt Li-ion battery and belt-driven starter generator. The system allows the engine to switch off and coast for extended periods while being driven. At the same moment, the electric motor continues to provide power to the steering and braking systems. The mild-hybrid technology can also recover and store braking energy and redirect that latent electrical power to boost acceleration.

Volkswagen has made small efficiency gains to the mechanical aspects of the tiny 3-cylinder engine. The Volkswagen Skoda Octavia Right Fit Edition starts at £23,005 for the saloon and £24,235 for the Estate. But if you do not like mildly hybrid technology then perhaps you should wait for the full-fat plugin hybrid variant. That model will be available… we don’t know when.


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