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This The Neta Eureka Concept, A Tesla Rival Made in China

Neta Eureka

This is the Neta Eureka, a spin-off brand from electric vehicle manufacture Hozon Auto. Hozon Auto was established in 2014 in the Zhejiang province and it currently manufactures two sub/compact SUVs, under the Neta branding. Which, admittedly doesn’t interest us in the slightest. The Neta Eureka is of interest. It’s about the size of a Kia Stinger. Apparently, it will do the 0-60mph dash in 4 seconds and has a range of 497 miles. That’s all we know so far, technical details are thin on the ground.

But if you want to create a Tesla Model 3 rival then at the very least you are going to have match the technology, performance and range. The least powerful Hozon Neta 01 sub-compact SUV-EV offers 75bhp from a single electric motor and a range of 187 miles. Maybe there is a reason why Hozon has declined to reveal the exact technical details of the Neta Eureka.

Neta Eureka rear view

Nevertheless, the Neta Eureka does look striking considering the company manufactures dreary compact SUVs. The Eureka could arrive production-ready in 2022. The most powerful Hozon made compact crossover SUV, is the Neta U, And that offers 150bhp, 310Nm, and a 310-mile range and retails from $30,000.

Neta Eureka side view

What we don’t understand is why Hozon Auto doesn’t make any cars under its own name? very confusing.

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