Don’t Buy The Lexus GS-F New Says Doug DeMuro

Don’t buy a brand new Lexus GS-F says Mr. Doug DeMuro. According to Mr. DeMuro the Lexus GS-F may be the performance variant of the GS range but it doesn’t offer much performance and the technology is outdated. Best to buy it used is Mr DeMuro’s advice.

The Lexus GS is a BMW 5 Series rival, or it was meant to be. However, it has been discontinued by Lexus and the replacement model is expected to morph into an SUV. Lexus is simply going where the buyer market is right now.


The GS-F 5.0-litre V8 engine churns out 467bhp which is nothing compared to the BMW M5 says Mr. DeMuro. The GS-F starts at $85,000 new. Which is expensive for a car that hasn’t been updated going on 10 years.

Time and technological advancements have aged the Lexus GS. Best to buy used says Mr. DeMuro because high depreciation and Lexus reliability is where GS-F is superior by comparison next to the M5 and E63.


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