This Long Wheel Base Rolls Royce Ghost is Trying To Muscle in On Phantom Sales

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A long-wheelbase variant of the Rolls Royce Ghost is pointless because it means you can not afford the flagship Rolls Royce Phantom. And we don’t want the likes of Sir Rodger and Lady Annabelle Snooty to be shamed by their out of touch country club friends into thinking they have hit the poverty buffers. Buying a Rolls Royce Ghost gives the impression you have money troubles. Nevertheless whatever ills, lack of knowledge, and lack of common sense they have, high society must get used to this new poverty spec Rolls Royce.

The Ghost Extended is the long-wheelbase version of the Ghost range, kind of like an unofficial estate car without the estate car architecture. Apparently, poverty-stricken customers actually completed a feedback form without the use of a personal Butler or Nanny. This information hack notified Rolls Royce marketing and a cure was created. The Ghost Extended is for those customers who want to be chauffeured, 6.7-inches of extra legroom is their reward. The extra length adds 46kg to the overall weight of a standard-wheelbase Ghost.

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To account for this extra weight Rolls Royce Engineers decided not to increase the power of the 563bhp, 850Nm torque V12 engine. Not that Sir Rodger and Lady Annabelle Snooty will ever know. For they will be too busy sipping Champagne while being cosseted by the ultra-luxury experience offered by a modern Rolls Royce.

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And no other car matches the deep sense of luxury that a Rolls Royce provides. So how much does the Ghost Extended cost? Rolls Royce doesn’t want to reveal the price for the risk of shaming their poorest, out of touch, high society clients.

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