4 Tips and Tricks for Zazzing Up Your Car

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There are few places you spend more time than in your car. So, it’s natural to want to modify your vehicle to emanate your personality and taste a little more than it does when first out of the factory. This could also increase the value of your car for novelty buyers if your modifications are done well. But how exactly does one go about doing this? Well, we’re going to be answering this question in our article today. Keep reading to find out all our tips and tricks for decorating your car.

1.) Upholstery

Changing the upholstery on your seats can make a big difference to your car’s appearance. Usually, vehicles are fitted with cloth upholstery. Depending on your preference, you could switch to leather, which adds some luxuriance, or to a patterned cover, which adds a little quirkiness. It’s worth experimenting with colour, too. Sometimes, white or red seats look surprisingly sophisticated in a car.

2.) Spray Paint

Painting your car’s exterior is an amazing way to revolutionise the appearance of the vehicle. Nowadays, most cars look the same, and the range isn’t exactly inspiring. Many car owners feel scared to step out from the norm, worried they’ll make their vehicle look tacky. Fortunately, there are plenty of professional spray painters who can help you avoid this. They apply a primer coat before finishing it all off with smooth metallic colour or flashy pattern. You can be as daring or safe as you like. Just make sure the spray paint job suits your vehicle. For example, we don’t think a Citroen Berlingo would look good with graffiti on its side.

3.) Wheel Paint

If you want to be more subtle, then focusing on your wheels is a better alternative. Using these professional paints on your wheels will ensure your car looks sophisticated, whilst still injecting some individuality. They also come in a variety of excellent colours, from metallic silver and drift gold to competition white and motorsport black – adding a nice finishing touch to the car’s overall appearance. What’s more, wheel paint is resistant to things like brake dust, cleaning chemicals, road grime, and road salt, making your car look better for longer.

4.) Headlights and Taillights

Did you know you can change the headlights and taillights on your car? These are the perfect way to subtly alter the appearance and draw attention to your vehicle. Whether you choose something snazzier or classier, it’s bound to make a difference. Just be careful to pick headlights and taillights which are still safe for the road. You might want to dazzle people, but maybe avoid blinding them. There’s also the option to apply a light tint to your headlights. Make your car feel more ‘you’ by choosing your favourite colour.

These are our top tips for decorating your car. Make your vehicle stand out from the rest with a flashy paint job and replacement headlights; or choose a nice wheel colour and taillight tint for something more sophisticated.

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