Nicki Shields Falls Asleep During Electrifying Review of The BMW X5e Hybrid

We’ve never heard of Nicki Shields. However, she is in good company. No one has ever heard of the Daily Car Blog either. Except for the dog, next-door neighbor’s cat, and Jeff Bezos. In some ways, Nicki Shields and this publication are in familiar territory. However new, never before heard of talent must be given a chance to thrive. And one must say doing a too-camera review is easier said than done.

Nicki, who we have never before heard of, does an outstanding professional job while reviewing the X5e Hybrid. And on this performance alone we reckon she has got a great career ahead of her. Don’t be surprised to see Nicki become the next rising star of the motoring journalism fraternity.

Despite being new to the world of motoring journalism, Nicki’s talent will allow her to rise to the very top. Which begs the question, why are we always at the bottom?

Legal disclaimer: Nicki Shields did not fall asleep at the wheel of a BMW X5e during a road test review. We made it up. According to research, fake news is a form of highly respectable journalism practiced by The Sun and The Daily Mail… we just made that last bit up… but it’s true.

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