New Wellness Inspired S Class Interior Revealed

It’s all about the wellness for the new next-generation S Class interior. The recently revealed interior looks blooming good it does. The next generation S Class will be fully and officially revealed on September 2, yes, that’s in 2020. The interior styling language echo’s luxury yacht design and… Tesla. The most notable aspect of the next-generation S Class is the Tesla inspired giant, central touchscreen. With the use of a touchscreen, modern car interiors have become minimal, and this is the case for the 2021 S Class interior.

The new S Class centers on the occupant’s wellbeing, which is a way to capturing the Wellness market, an industry worth over $1 trillion. And Mercedes is also using certain marketing language often associated with the Wellness industry. As an example “energizing” and seat “kinetics”.

The S Class has always been viewed as a luxury car, but next to a Bentley Flying Spur it is reduced to the status of “commoner”. However, the 2021 S Class could well change that perception because it appears Mercedes is actually going to put proper luxury into the S Class.


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