Carwow’s Mat Watson Reviews The Aston Martin DBX

Carwow, ergo Mat Matson Reviews the all-new, retail-ready, Aston Martin DBX with an exclusive first drive. And that’s all we have to say. Often we use Carwow as a comedic prop to target a self-important and pompous PR professional… no, no, no NO!. We’re doing it again. We here at DCB are trying to turn a new leaf. For many months now, we decided to abandon the good practice of traditional motoring journalism to become the equivalent of Pirates.

And now we’re turning about the ship, turning back to calmer waters whereupon we will go back to the genteel arts of motoring journalism. There is a reason why Carwow is able to be first in line to get those exclusive invites. No, they don’t have beach towels at the ready and they are not German. And there is also a reason why the Daily Car Blog is at the back of the line, standing near the edge of a nearby cliff.

To get that exclusive invite we’re going to have to get back to the traditional values of good old fashion journalism. By doing so, we here at DCB HQ truly believe the likes of Aston Martin will send us an invite. Most probably to clean the mobile toilets. Which were probably provided during the making of this Carwow video. We are in a pandemic after all.

Let’s get back to making the Daily Car Blog great again! let’s start by getting exclusive invites to clean those Aston Martin portakabins! No one can accuse this blog of ever aiming low! And let’s say Mat Watson Reviews, Mat Watson Reviews for a final time to get that keyword density score!


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