Alloy Rims vs. Steel Rims When Picking Tyre Packages

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Wheel rims come in aluminium, steel, and magnesium. Of these, magnesium is the most expensive metal at about $2,000 per ton. They are also lighter than the other two metals. But, aluminium rims are more durable. So, how do you decide which metal is appropriate for your needs?

Mag wheel and tyre packages are available at attractive prices that may be what your car needs. Here is a low down on the differences between magnesium and aluminium rims.


Magnesium wheels are lighter than aluminium. A 20-inch, 10 spoke wheel requires about 7.4 kg of magnesium, but 9.3 kg of aluminium when forged. Even in the case of cast metal, rims need lesser magnesium than aluminium. Therefore, a Mag wheel will be lighter. Steel wheels weigh the most at 17 kg for the same size.


Both aluminium and magnesium wheels are more expensive than steel wheels. Mag wheels and tyre packages can go up to $700 plus, while steel rims can cost as low as under $200. When looking at it only from a price point, the apparent choice is steel rims, but if you want to account for performance, then read along.


The advantage of magnesium wheels is that they can make your vehicle stand out in a crowd. They allow a lot of customisation like adding chrome or coloured valve caps. You may have to use a lock on each wheel to save them from being stolen.


Aluminium rims last longer than other metals. They are ideal for wear and tear and make them appropriate for rough terrain drives. On the other hand, magnesium rims withstand heat better as they spread heat evenly across the rim. Steel rims are sturdy and can withstand rough roads the best among the three.


This should be the deciding factor when it comes to the metal of your car’s rims. Aluminium rims improve the handling of your vehicle. They make your car more responsive, especially when braking and accelerating. They also retain the shape of your tyre by not causing it to bulge. Less bulging means better thread and lower possibility of skidding.

Steel wheels are heavier and therefore result in poorer performance when compared to aluminium or magnesium.

Cosmetic Damage and Repair

Steel rims are the best when it comes to repairing bends. Since the metal is sturdy, it can be beaten back into shape. It’s different with aluminium or magnesium wheels. While the cosmetic look is excellent, damage may be difficult to repair and costly. That said, if you drive within the city on paved roads, you can still go for Mag wheel and tyre packages that offer an aesthetic appeal.

Deciding on the perfect set of rims for your car can have long-lasting consequences. The best packages offer some great benefits at low prices. The next time you are in the market for a new set of wheels, consider these points before deciding. They will help in choosing the right tyre and Mag wheel packages.


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