The Forgotten King of Luxury Sedans, The Lexus LS, Receives Minor Updates

2021 Lexus LS, dailycarblog

The Lexus LS is as well-engineered as the Mercedes S Class, in some regards it is better. Yet the Lexus LS is dwarfed by the ever-present shadow cast by the morally and ethically corrupted Mercedes S Class. As an example, let’s take LS vs S Class European sales. For 2019 the Lexus LS sold 243 vehicles in Europe. That’s across the whole of Europe. By comparison, during the same period, morally and ethically corrupted Mercedes sold 10,571 S Class sedans. In America, the LS closes the sales fight somewhat, 5,000 units vs 12,000 for the S Class. But, that is still a big gap.

The Lexus LS vs the S Class is the premium luxury sedan equivalent to David vs Goliath. However, the Lexus brand is part of the Toyota galaxy whereas morally and ethically corrupted Mercedes, by comparison, is the solar system. So Lexus is not too dissimilar to the Daily Car Blog, in that we are both known unknowns. Although Lexus is an established known unknown.

2021 Lexus LS, SE, dailycarblog

Defeat is not in the Lexus lexicon and despite being overwhelmed by the marketing might and sheer prestigious history of the three-pointed star, Lexus continues unabated. The current generation LS has been with us since 2017. Automotive products/vehicles typically have a six maybe seven-year life-span. The third-year will bring forth a series of planned updates.

2021 Lexus Luxury LS, Rear, dailycarblog

Technologies change, get better, new innovations are made available and the exterior and interior design is improved, enhanced, face-lifted. These face-lifts, updates serve to keep sales buoyant. But in these pandemic times, Lexus has sold less than 100 vehicles worldwide. The S Class is already into the thousands.

2021 Lexus luxury LS, interior, dailycarblog

Nevertheless, the Lexus LS receives a flux of minor styling updates. New headlight cluster design with L shaped DRLs. New front and rear bumper designs, the colour of the mesh grille is a darker shade of grey. The F Sport LS variants receive new 20-inch alloy designs. A new sonic spraying technique debuts a new paint colour, Gin-ei Luster. The mirror-like finish accentuates the LS’s contours says, Lexus.

The interior receives a larger central infotainment system, 12.3-inch widescreen touchscreen system. As with all modern infotainment systems, primary and secondary controls are accessed via the touchscreen with. A few analog switches remain for quick access to heating controls. etc.

2021 Lexus Luxury LS, Rear, dailycarblog

Lexus Teammate is the name Lexus prefers to use for it’s latest autonomous driving technology. It features Lane Keeping Assist. Radar-guided cruise control can also change lanes, and even overtake other vehicles. It should be noted that it for use on motorways only. The technology will be introduced in Japan first and rolled out across other markets in due course.

2021 The LS, FQ, dailycarblog

But it’s the engineering that receives the most attention. Albeit minor. To reduce damping force Lexus has introduced an Adaptive Variable Solenoid suspension (similar to VW’s DCC) and improved the spring rate to further enhance comfort levels. Lexus also improved the engine damping mounts to further reduce engine vibration under acceleration.

The LS 500h Hybrid now offers improved battery assist. The LS 500 now has improved engine torque as a result of enhanced gear shift timing. Pricing and availability will be announced at a later date.

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