What You Need To Know About The Ford Bronco

We have to admit, and this is difficult for us to do so, they have done a good job with the Ford Bronco. It kind of reminds of the Land Rover Defender but better looking. Ford focus-grouped Jeep Wrangler owners and this is the result. In America, people are going mad for it. First Edition reservations have sold out in hours. And the first edition doesn’t come cheap, $48,000.

In the US entry-level models start at a more reasonable $28,000. Top editions are a tear-jerking $59,000. The Bronco is available in two body styles, two-door or 4 doors. The Bronco is built for the off-road if you so desire or if that is your ultimate use case scenario. 

NoV8 engines are available, even for the American market, it’s either a 4-cylinder 2.3 eco-boost or 2.7-litre six-cylinder variant. It will come with a six-speed manual. American Trucks gives a much more detailed insight into the Ford Bronco. Watch and learn folks.

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