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UH OH, Volkswagen Reveals The Bloody Awful Tiguan, Plug-in Hybrid…

Bloody awful Tiguan Coupe, dailycarblog

It was a good day, an overcast and rainy day, a chilly day for July. But this is Britain, rain is part of the very fabric of British life. Upon a sudden, we heard the news that Volkswagen had revealed further details about the bloody awful Tiguan. The bloody awful Tiguan Plug-in Hybrid. I am sure you know how a plug-in hybrid works. You commit the sin of polluting this clean and pleasant planet then you repent by sticking a plug into said hybrid vehicle. Recharge, and you’re ready to go. The cycle begins again.

The problem is, the bloody awful Tiguan is popular. Over the years six million people worldwide have been hypnotized into buying one. We’re still recovering from our long-term review experience. We have bloody awful Tiguan related PTSD. But hey, we went into it with our eyes open and came out of it with our minds scrambled.

Tiguan Plug-in Hybrid, dailycarblog

Many more people will suffer a similar fate. If you are interested in buying a Tiguan Plug-in Hybrid, we will not discourage you. The Tiguan is, in many ways, a classic oxymoron. It is a perfectly fine vehicle. But it is simply bloody awful on so many separate levels.

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