MKBHD Says The Model Y is Tesla’s Most Important Car To Date

If you live in the UK, don’t expect to be behind the wheel of a Tesla Model Y until 2022. That is if you survive the current pandemic crisis and if you can stomach the anticipated £50,000 for first edition models. Eventually, the Model Y will be seen as a cheap entry point into Tesla’s electric car revolution. An entry-level version will follow a few months later with and expected to ask price of around £26,000.

The mini SUV, or compact crossover, is 70 percent based on the Tesla Model 3. The Model Y will eventually be made available with four powertrains: Standard Range, Long Range, Long Range with Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive, and Performance. The standard range is expected to yield 230 miles on a single charge with a top speed of 120mph.

Tesla is claiming the model Y can recharge 168 miles in just 15 minutes. It takes about 2 minutes to that in ICE powered car. Nevertheless, the Model Y represents greater affordability when entry-level models eventually reach the showrooms. The cost of electric cars is expensive as of now, new technology often is.

MKBHD YouTube man gets an exclusive first drive in the Model Y. One issue that is ever-present with Tesla’s is build quality. It doesn’t matter to MKBHD, but we disagree. Tesla can do excellent build quality, however, demand for Tesla’s is high and therefore the desire for Tesla to meet that demand means rushing out cars from the assembly line.

This is something we predicted from the very beginning, and although Tesla has improved significantly, shoddy build quality is an incessant ground-hog day that has continually blighted the company. However it hasn’t harmed the company’s sales, not in the slightest.

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