Suzuki Jimny “Jeepers” Says Farewell To The United Kingdom

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The Suzuki Jimny “jeepers” micro 4×4 SUV is being discontinued in the UK because it can not meet minimum CO2 emissions regulations. The Jimny “jeepers” has been very popular among UK buyers, demand has exceeded supply. Suzuki UK has confirmed existing Jimny orders will be fulfilled, which means someone can go on to make a good profit if they so desire. The Jimny is still on sale in many parts of Europe, including Germany where it retails for $23,004. However, it is highly likely that Suzuki will also withdraw the Jimny from all EU territories.

The majority of Suzuki sales are made in the far east where it remains exceedingly popular due to its low cost, excellent reliability, and decent quality. The fourth-generation Jimny, introduced in 2018, is powered by a 4-cylinder 1.5-liter engine. It also features A ladder type chassis and a dual-ratio transfer case, unlike many competing compact 4WDs that lack a low range system.

Re-engineering the Jimny would have cost Suzuki more money then they were prepared to invest so discontinuing is the cheaper option. However, Suzuki and its engineers are not ignorant of emissions laws. Why did they not engineer a more CO2 regulation-compliant engine? That is the mystery here, Suzuki only has themselves to blame.

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It may well be that Suzuki simply had no desire and very little spare development cash to meet territory-specific emissions regulations. The company probably decided one engine fits all sales regions regardless of the C02 figures. That being said, why didn’t Suzuki fit a mild-hybrid system as they do with the Swift, Vitara and S-Cross crossovers.

The mysterious death of the Suzuki Jimny “Jeepers” will be written about for decades to come, in a similar fashion to the assassination of JFK.

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