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Morally And Ethically Corrupted Mercedes Develops Rear Seat Airbags

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Morally and ethically corrupted Mercedes, who demanded that their Spanish workers sacrifice themselves to the altar of the Coronavirus Pandemic at the peak of the country’s infection, have developed the world’s first rear-seat airbag. The next generation S Class will become the first recipient of the new safety device. The airbags are located in the rear of the front seats and deploy whenever a collision is detected. Morally and ethically corrupted Mercedes says the airbags feature a U-shaped design able to “cradle” a passenger’s head.

Airbags can be had in many configurations from door-mounted, B and C  mounted and even inflatable seat belts. Mounting an airbag in the back of the front-seat is a technical challenge. However, it had to eventually happen and the first to market is morally and ethically corrupted, Mercedes. But as usual, you will have to pay to be this safe within a Mercedes.

Don’t expect seat-mounted airbags in an A-Class. Perhaps in 2-3 years’ time, most probably as an optional extra. And Here’s the issue we have with morally and ethically corrupted Mercedes. They invest hundreds of millions into developing the best safety features. They spend millions more on promoting how safe their cars have become.

Yet they had no qualms in trying to force workers back to work during the peak of a pandemic crisis. Why exert so much effort into developing safety devices for consumers and then turn around and show no concerns for the safety of their workers, during a pandemic? Morally and ethically corrupted Mercedes, man, you come right out of a comic book.

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