Carwow’s Mat Watson Reviews The Morally And Ethically Corrupted Mercedes GLB

Our lawyer has advised us here at DCB HQ to point out neither Carwow nor Mat Watson is in any way morally and ethically corrupted nor are they by association with any brand entity or sentient being on earth, the solar system, galaxy and universe. Mat Watson is reviewing the morally and ethically corrupted Mercedes GLB, a vehicle and brand that has no association with Carwow or Mat Watson other than being a prop to front a highly popular YouTube car review channel.

We here at the Daily Car Blog are doing nothing more than bashing Mercedes for trying to exert pressure on their Spanish workforce to continue working during the peak of a pandemic crisis. The latter is morally and ethically corrupted and Mercedes is therefore, by their own hands, morally and ethically corrupted.

Nevertheless, Mat Watson believes that the morally and ethically corrupted Mercedes GLB is a half-price GLS. Or should that be the GLS is rather overpriced? The GLB sits below its bigger brother, the GLS, entry-level prices for the GLB start at £34,000.

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