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Red Bull’s Mad Dog Marko Barks About Formula One Inequality

Mad Dog Marko, dailycarblog

Mad Dog Helmut Marko is barking about the inequality Red Bull suffered during their period of dominance during the Bernie Ecclestone reign of terror. Now let’s be clear, the Mad Dog is not barking about racial inequality, he is barking about perceived inequality on a team for team basis. Mad Dog Marko’s argument is difficult to wrap your head around. His dystopian remarks appear to have been made during a drunken brawl at a secret anti-coronavirus rave.

The Mad Dog claimed that during three-seasons between 2010-2013 Red Bull hid its true pace in order to stop Bernie Ecclestone from “slowing” the team down. The theory being Red Bull dominance needed to be capped in order to create a level, more competitive playing field. The Red Bull enforcer questions why the current F1 management does not apply the same standard to a totally dominant Mercedes. 

During a media interview Red Bull’s equivalent to The Equaliser incoherently barked:

“Why is Mercedes so openly demonstrating its superiority? In our good years, we didn’t try to drive every race so blatantly far ahead.”

“The Mosley and the Bernie would have slowed us down immediately, which has happened often enough anyway.”

The Mad Dog is trying to pressure F1 bosses into applying some kind of regulatory mandate to specifically slow Mercedes, presumably to level the competition. Instead of developing a car to out-compete Mercedes, Mad Dog wants the equivalent of a traffic violation applied. Just for Mercedes. The Mad Dog then revealed why Red Bull is currently off the pace.

Mad Dog Marko, Red Bull, dailycarblog

“A large issue seems to be the instability of the car,  the problem areas have now been identified.” 

“After all the examinations, we can say that the [issue] is in the aerodynamics. There is something wrong with the inflow. Bending the parts is certainly a point, but the airflow also breaks off for other reasons.”

Red Bull will work to resolve the aero issues blighting it’s 2020 F1 campaign, however that means it will not be able to develop a system that will rival Mercedes’ DAS system. The DAS steering system is not the specific reason why Mercedes remains so dominant. They simply out developed every other team. It’s up to the likes of Red Bull to meet that challenge and not roll out this by-gone era barking mad attack dog.

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