Vehicle Virgins Ain’t Too Keen on His Rolls Royce Cullinan… But He Loves It

Vehicle Virgins, the son of a billionaire, is a successful YouTuber. So successful is he that he is able to buy a Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV.  The entry-level asking price for a Cullinan is $325,000, Vehicle Virgins spent just over $400,000. I don’t know why a 20 something YouTuber needs a Rolls Royce Cullinan but if his father can afford it then why not.

But the YouTuber loves to hate his very expensive acquisition. The Rolls SUV has a number of bug-bears that have gradually worn away the owner’s patience. Admittedly the bug-bears are rather first-world.

Meanwhile, in America, the number of unemployed people has risen to beyond 40 million.

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