You Can Save Money on A New Dacia, Save Even More By Not Buying One At All

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As a motoring journalist, it is my sworn duty to uphold the values of the “ism” with nothing more than the truth. To point out injustices, to recoil against flagrant transgressions of… flagrant transgressions. We here at DCB HQ have been sent here on a mission from God, and our single most focused mission is to tell you not to buy a Dacia… any Dacia. Dacia is a Renault masquerading as a marketing exercise, it’s a save money bait and switch brand marketing scam.

We’ll give Renault credit, the marketing and PR is very good, very organized, has a very convincing message. Renault knows who they are targeting and they target their specific buyer with precision. The Dacia buyer profile is often male, a cheap arse-skate, penny-pinching, caravan driving, get-off-my-lawn deck chair owning miserable human of a being.

And Dacia’s latest offering is designed to prod and probe these people by offering to pay the first three monthly payments of a car finance agreement, as cashback, on their behalf with no deposit to pay. Sounds enticing right?, until you hear the promotion is only available when financed at 6.9-percent APR on either PCP and HP.

What Dacia is doing is giving and then taking back whilst earning a tidy profit to boot. But the wise old Dacia buyer knows this bait and switch deal and is happy to go along with the offer. It isn’t the instant availability of cash that is attractive. It is to do with satisfying the urge of going on a pointless caravanning staycation.

ave money, Dailycarblog

What the Dacia buyer doesn’t know is Dacia is… a shitty car. I have owned and worked on plenty of Renaults over the years and I know the engineering is substandard. Every component is costed and made as cheaply as possible. The net result is… well twanging on a rubber band is more reliable than a Renault ergo Dacia.

And I have been behind the wheel of a Dacia, they all echo the driving experience of Renault 25. Our consumer advice is simple. Don’t buy a Dacia and avoid Renaults at all costs because at the end of the day it will save you money.

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