Nikola Badger Pickup is An Electric Rival For The Tesla Cybertruck

Nikola Badger Pickup,

This is the Nikola Badger an electric-hydrogen powered hybrid pick-up truck from Nikola Motors, an EV/hybrid start-up founded by American multi-billionaire Trevor Milton. You can place a pre-order later this month if you so desire. The company has a three-tier pre-order system. We’re not going to detail that, a pre-order system is what it is, a money-spinning machine. Yet we do not know if Nikola Motors has a production facility. The company’s staple target market is the manufacturing of pure electric/hydrogen hybrid HGVs. The Badger is a bit of a side offering.

The Badger will use an EV/hydrogen hybrid powertrain which has a claimed range of 600 miles. Nikola Motors was founded in 2014, the company expects the truck factory to start construction in 2020, start building trucks in 2021, and be able to build 35–50,000 trucks per year by 2023. The company received an order of 800 HGVs/trucks in 2018 with a promise to deliver in 2020.

To date, the company has not yet manufactured a single-vehicle. However, it is valued at $27 billion dollars. The latter is more like a future bet than an actual valuation based on a simple profit and loss spreadsheet. In other words, the value of Nikola Motors is hype over reality.

As for the Nikola Badger pickup truck, pre-orders open on June 29, I would issue an alert and say save your money until there is actual confirmed production. And then wait, because I foresee a lot of quality control issues cropping up for early adopters investing in this brand, or go for the Cybertruck.

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