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Carwow’s Mat Watson Attempts To Use Key Fob As A Mirror To Tidy Messy Lockdown Hair

We’ve noticed that the coronavirus lockdown has caused mass uncertainty regarding the future of hairstyles. It appears that civilization has rewound 40 years and entered a retro 1970s period. Being a millennial I actually had to research hairstyles from the 1970s, and what a horror show it was for men back in that period of time. The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has meant hairdressers across many parts of the world have been forced to close.

This has led to those brave enough not to resort to speakeasy hair establishments (black market hairdressers) to actually grow hair for a longer than normal amount of time. And time is not hair’s best friend. So desperate is Mat Watson to keep his lockdown hair unruffled that during a car review he resorts to using a car key fob as a mirror.

Admittedly I am word filling in an attempt to avoid mentioning the SEAT Leon, which I just did, inadvertently on purpose. If you want to know why UK journalists speak so positively about the SEAT brand it’s because of SEAT UK’s Juillet Carrington. She invites the top motoring influencers/journalists to end of year media parties and piles them with free booze.

Journalists + free booze + drunken end of year media party = “your my best friend” endless positivity. Free booze is easy prey for weak-minded motoring hacks. Now, whenever UK journalists ‘review’ a SEAT they feel obliged to re-pay Juillet’s generosity. Juliette is a clever lady and we are happy to give credit where credit is deserved.

That’s how the SEAT UK system works folks, it is what it is… wait, right, that’s why we didn’t want to talk about SEAT. Gad damn it.

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