Chrysler History: 6 Key Reasons to Buy a Chrysler

Reasons to buy a chrysler Pacifica, dailycarblog

Are you in the market for a new car? Not sure where to start looking? If so, then you should give Chrysler models a hard look! Ever since 1925, Chrysler has become a staple in the car industry. They’ve called Detroit, Michigan their home and have built some amazing car models along the way. Maybe you’re in the market for a Chrysler SUV. Perhaps you want a Chrysler hybrid car to fit you and your family’s needs.

Whatever the reason, here is are several reasons why you should consider Chrysler for your next car and admire the Chrysler history as a whole.

1. Family Van for a Family-Friendly Price

Perhaps a big reason that you’re looking into a new car is that your family has outgrown its current car. You need something that will provide more space and security for all the little members of your family.

The problem with that is that, while you need to purchase a larger car, you might not be willing to spend a large amount of money for a van or SUV.

Reasons To Buy Chrysler, Dailycarblog

The 2020 Chrysler Pacifica throws all of that concern out the window. It can be purchased at around only $34,000 new, giving your family an option that’s within your price range.

The Pacifica is awarded year after year as the best minivan in its class as well as the best minivan for the money. In other words, you’re getting more bang for your buck!

2. Cutting Edge Technology

A huge focus of Chrysler’s, especially since being purchased by Fiat in 2014, has been to integrate as much cutting edge technology as possible into their various models.

Look no further than the Chrysler 300, which includes driver assistance, lane-keeping monitoring, auto emergency brakes, and more. That’s not all though, it also contains a charging pad for your smartphone and some of the best speakers you’ll ever have.

Chrysler Pacifica interior, dailycarblog

The previously-mentioned Pacifica contains all the entertainment you could want for your children. It has games you can download, a blu-ray DVD player, and high definition screens for you to watch them on.  

Play your cards right, and you might come across a used Chrysler 300S with a Beats by Dr Dre audio system inside. It’ll be the best listening experience you’ve ever had.

3. Highly-Touted By Experts

Chrysler’s dedication to precision and innovation has been rewarded time and time again by many online sources.

Trusted brands such as U.S. News, World Report,,, and even the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety have shown it repeated praise. 

Not to mention that J.D. Power has awarded the Pacifica as the highest ranked minivan in initial quality several years and made Parents Magazine’s list for “Best Family Cars”. 

Lastly, Kelly Blue Book, a source trusted by almost all car buyers/sellers, placed the Pacifica on its list of “Best Family Cars” as well.

Purchasing a Chrysler gives you security and safety for an affordable price. The higher trims that you invest in, the more technology and features you and your family will gain access to.

4. Amazing Blasts From the Past

Some of you out there won’t even consider purchasing a brand-new car. Not only do you want something at a lower price, but you also want to purchase something nostalgic.

You want a car that was only available for a brief time. A car that not many others still have on the road today.

If so, then you’ll enjoy the heck out of purchasing a Chrysler Crossfire, a model that was only made from 2004 to 2008. This car is unique because it’s considered an alternate model of Mercedes-Benz’s last-generation SLK-Class convertible car.

However, that isn’t the only Chrysler car from the past that you might enjoy. Many people still actively search for the Chrysler 300 models from the early 2000s. At the time, they were unlike anything else before, making them sacred to many.

5. The Chrysler Hybrid Minivan

With so many different dilemmas involving the price and use of gasoline in recent years, Chrysler took action to provide a solution. They turned the Chrysler Pacifica and created a model that can be plugged in.

The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid gives you an eco-friendly option for your family vehicle. It allows you to save on gas and have a car that runs on full electricity.

While you might think it requires a fair bit of charging, the Chrysler Hybrid only takes two hours to go from empty to full. This will give you 240 volts to work with before needing the recharge it again.

6. Budget-Friendly Options 

No matter what Chrysler model you’re interested in buying, there are budget-friendly options for you to choose from.

It gives you the rare opportunity of purchasing a luxury car at an affordable price. The Chrysler brand offers you several options to do that.

Chrysler PAcifica, dailycarblog

For example, if you want a sedan option, then you might consider either the Chrysler 300 or Chrysler 200 models. If you ‘re looking for a family vehicle, then you might be interested in either the Pacifica or Chrysler Voyager.

Invest in the Highly-Remarkable Chrysler History

Now that you’ve seen how Chrysler history plays a factor in why you should consider going with a Chrysler as your next car, it’s time to start your search. Be sure to research a few different options to see which model derivative would best fit what you’re looking for.

Make sure to browse our website for more articles on trusted car brands, as well as many other helpful topics for your car needs.

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