Tech Nerd, MKBHD Reviews The Buick Encore GX

This is the worst review of a product we have ever seen from MKBHD. It wasn’t a review it was a promotion under the guise of a “tech review”. Here’s the deal, we’re big fans of MKBHD, regular watchers of his video content. However, his tech review of the Buick Encore was nothing more than a paid-for, recommended by MKBHD ad.

If Buick waved a bunch of dollar notes in front of MKBHD’s face, probably between $10,000 to $20,000, then fair play who can blame him for taking the money. But the problem is the tech stuffed into the Buick Encore isn’t anything wow-special.

It’s pretty much standard tech you can find on a well-specced VW Polo. Yes, the technology is great, better-than-ever-great, better than 5 years ago. But we’ve got used to it now, so the wow factor isn’t “wow” as it once was.

But if you drive around in a 5-10 year-old used car, then the technology will look amazing. We can understand it from that consumer point of view. 

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