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Ricciardo To McLaren, Sainz To Ferrari, Alonso To Renault Equals Retirement For Vettel

Vettel Retirement - Dailycarblog

When Sebastian Vettel revealed that his tenure at Ferrari was over it sparked a Formula 1 merry-go-round of driver acquisitions, changes, deals call it what you will. Ferrari quickly snapped up McLaren’s Carlos Sainz and McLaren opted for Daniel Ricciardo. McLaren is effectively in a period of rebuilding as it makes yet another engine switch, this time ditching Renault power for Mercedes customer engines. McLaren has for too long navel-gazed at its past glories and lost direction. With Ricciardo, they have a quick and proven race winner. Ricciardo isn’t the problem, it’s McLaren, can they wake up from their charlatan induced slumber and actually deliver a competitive package?

Carlos Sainz has probably got the better deal, with Ferrari he is guaranteed a race-winning car and Ferrari has acquired a driver who is quick, intelligent and consistent. However, Sainz will 100-percent a sacrificial number two support driver to Charles Leclerc. If Sainz gets the better of Leclerc during a race, Ferrari will severe the Spaniards race-winning ambition’s to serve the prophecy of the chosen one.

Rumors suggest that Fernando Alonso is close to signing a deal to make an F1 return to Renault. Fernando is familiar with the team when he raced for them under the United Colours of Benneton. But Alonso will not come cheap at $30m USD per year. Alonso is a AAA driver able to outdrive the limits of any car and that is why he is worth his fee.

If the Alonso to Renault rumors proves to be true then it’s retirement for Sebastian Vettel. He will have to sit-out the 2021 season and see what his options are for 2022. But with many teams nailing down their drivers on long term contracts it appears that Vettel has no option but to retire from F1 permanently.


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