Carwow’s Mat Watson Shocked At The True Value of Mazda Ownership

Carwow’s Mat Watson is in hiding after releasing a video revealing the true ownership costs of owning a Mazda. You see Mat, this is how motoring journalism works. Never-ever criticize the hand that feeds you, otherwise, you will suffer a similar fate to Alderaan. You pretend to be interested in ‘reviewing’ a car, you pretend to be ‘best pals’ with Mazda’s PR people, you brown-nose as much as you can, network, attend PR parties, network, attend black tie events, accept bribes (free gifts) network, do a bit more brown-nosing then network some more.

Doing so will enamor you to the PR department. No more personal used cars or PCP/PCH payments for you to make every month. Free cars, free maintenance, free booze, money saved, get-in-there.

The hipster auto PRs love ‘influencers’, by definition a drug dealer is an influencer. But thankfully Carwow doesn’t do drug pushing, its narcotic is data-mining via YouTube stats. Stats are the new drugs and auto PRs love influencers who provide them with freshly minted data charts.

Mind you some of the automotive PRs we have met along the way seemed to be off their heads on something, and we’re not talking coffee or alcohol. Any way this fake news article was brought to you by no one.


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