Autogefuhl Refuses To Wear Face Mask During Review… In Full Length, Full Screen & Full HD, Let’s Go!

Autogefuhl has caused a storm in his homeland of Germania. The car reviewing YouTuber refused to wear a facemask and gloves in the new Covid-19 era. Being responsible and professional journalists we can confirm the opening sentence was just word-filling fiction.

Anyway, Autogefuhl reviews the Tesla Model 3. We have reviewed the Tesla Model 3 but it’s always good to hear alternative views. Although we have a few issues with Elon Musk, we do acknowledge his visionary approach to the car industry.

If we were to go for an electric vehicle then our first choice would be the Tesla Model S. Then the Model 3. However, being motoring journalists, as we are, the only form of automation we can afford is public transport. These surely are depressing times.

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