Mat Watson Get’s Emotional As Lotus Ban The Carwow Stick of Truth During Exclusive Evija Review

Carwow and Mat Watson fanboys are up in arms after Lotus prevented Mat Watson from performing the Carwow ‘stick of truth’ test on the Lotus Evija. And for good reason, the Evija is a show car, a one-of-kind and such a vehicle is very expensive. Lotus did allow the ‘cloth of truth’ but Mat Watson was inconsolable during the exclusive static review.

OK, so he didn’t get emotional and as always we paused the video at a deliberately convenient moment to make the headline suit our particular deranged narrative. It’s called journalism folks, and that’s what journalists do, they hack. They go to college to do hacking.

But any-who, the Evija is one the most interesting cars of the year, not only is it a showcar but it is also a showcase of where Lotus is going. This 2,000bhp, £2m GBP super-hyper car is a pure electric monolith. But this is not indivisible or slow to change, it is the future.

And when it launches The Evija will usurp all before it to become the most powerful car, electric car, of all time. You know what? the EV era is at its birth-stage, how far it progresses in the next 10 years will be fascinating.

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