Max Verstappen Says He Can Easily Beat Lewis Hamilton… In The Best Car… DUHH!

Lewis Hamilton is beatable says Verstappen - Formula One -

You know there is a concerted debate that Lewis Hamilton has only won as much as he has because Mercedes provide him with the best package. Such an assertion is true, from a certain point of view. The fact is Hamilton hasn’t always had the best car. Maybe for two seasons at least. Maybe during certain parts of the season but not overall. And when the car hasn’t been the best Hamilton manages to pick up wins against the odds. The 2018 Italian Grand Prix is one of many examples.

But it’s also true Mercedes has provided Hamilton with a consistently fast package. The rest is up to the driver. So the only way to beat Hamilton is for rival teams to develop a superior package. Max Verstappen admitted as much, despite being considered the best driver of his era. Surely if Max is that good he can beat Mercedes if Red Bull gives him a car that is at least on equal footing.

During a recent media interview Max Verstappen said:

“Lewis is very good. He is definitely one of the best out there, but he’s not God. It’s very car-dependent of course in Formula One. ”

“When you can put the pressure on, then, of course, it’s a lot harder for the guy in the lead.”

“If you never have pressure then you can always drive at 97% or 98% and you never make mistakes, or maybe one weekend out of 21 or 22. ”


“So if we start within 0.2s then you can really mount the pressure.”

We’ll see if Verstappen can put the pressure on Lewis Hamilton in 2020. The first race of the 2020 Formula Season begins in Australia on 15 March. Pre-season testing is scheduled for 19 February at the Barcelona race circuit.


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