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Are You Ready For An Electric Vehicle: 3 Things To Consider

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Many major car manufacturers have invested in their electric vehicle production. The fact that there’s a bit more choice on the market might have you considering whether it’s time to buy. Combined with the increase in petrol prices and the impact on the environment, more people than ever are looking to go electric. Popular models include the Nissan LEAF, and the Tesla Model X, which fulfills the status symbol element of a car. Renault has produced the Zoe and BMW the i3, and for SUV lovers, there’s the Audi e-Tron and Jaguar I-Pace. A relatively new addition is the Mini Electric, also known as the Mini Cooper SE.

The technology has come a long way but is still advancing. If you’re thinking about making your next car an electric vehicle, then it’s worth putting some serious thought into your requirements and what you can expect.

Electric Vehicle Care 

As with any car, you’ll want to keep your electric vehicle in good condition. This won’t just benefit your use of the car; it will prevent unexpected repair bills and give it good resale value. In general, you can follow standard maintenance guidelines. 

Where you keep your car at home can have a big impact on its condition. Experts advise keeping it in a garage or at least undercover in a carport. A quick consultation with roofing companies Richmond hill, or in the area you live can help you arrange an inspection if your garage is leaking, or advise you on adding a carport to your property.

Model X Rich Rebuilds,

The advantage of electric cars is there aren’t the same fluids or filters involved. That means you won’t be checking your oil in the same way, and there are fewer parts that might need fixing. They do need regular servicing, though, and the focus will be on tech. Some EV manufacturers can complete “over the air” updates


The most discussed topic when it comes to electric vehicles is range. This is where it becomes crucial to know your requirements and to do your research when it comes to different models. When you’re driving an electric car, you won’t necessarily notice the difference most of the time.

They are, of course, much quieter, and you might not feel the same power when you put your foot down. EV drivers often avoid situations that require sustained speed as it reduces the range of the car. They are easy to drive, especially around town. The experience is like a one pedal vehicle. 

Honda E Electric Vehicle

EV cars can go from 0 to 60 pretty quickly, but their mileage is where you’ll want to focus. Cars like the Mini Electric have around a 130-mile range, whereas the luxury models are likely to manage double that. Most petrol-powered vehicles can manage 300 miles and efficient vehicles much more from one tank. Having an electric vehicle as a second car is a popular idea, which means it can be used for shorter journeys only.


The aspects of electric vehicle maintenance and range eventually lead to questions of cost. There’s the cost of your car, the charging, and the time it takes. The first cost we’ll address is not a monetary one, but the cost of time and planning. 

If you’re considering an electric car, then you’ll need to be prepared to organize your journeys around recharging your vehicle, which can’t be done everywhere. Fully recharging a battery can take as long as 8 hours. There are fast charging ports, but these can take 30 minutes to reach 80 percent.

Audi e-Tron, re-charge point,

You don’t need to break the bank to buy an electric car. However, when the issue of driving range comes into play, then the higher-end models will give you better numbers. The BMW i3 and the Jaguar I-Pace are impressive but come with a price tag.

The final cost to consider is the battery. Just like other technology we use, electric vehicle batteries lose their charge over time, until they eventually fade. It can take around 10 years for this to happen. This is good news for most owners as the manufacturer will provide a warranty for the vehicle, often up to 8 years. While a replacement battery now could cost thousands, by the time a warranty expires, it’s expected that the costs will have gone down.

Time To Switch?

If all of this has left you feeling more confident about electric vehicles, it might be time to start looking at the different models. With different targets aiming to introduce more electric cars to our roads, and more manufacturers getting involved, it’s a reassuring picture for those interested in purchasing an EV.

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The costs for battery replacements, the number of charging ports, and the recycling facilities for batteries still need some work. The industry is addressing these issues. In the years to come, you can reduce your emissions significantly by starting sooner.


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