Garage Goals – 5 Tips to Help You Finish Your Classic Car Restoration Project

Scott Huntington, Daily Car Blog post on buying a classic car

Unlike real estate, stocks, and modern-day cars, a classic car is often a sound investment. If you buy it for an affordable price and intend to do it up, you may find that you’ve got an investment parked in your garage, rather than a liability.  However, getting from project to completion is a long and often arduous task. It can also be even more challenging if you don’t arm yourself with all the information you require to get to the checkered flag. Read on to learn what you need to know to help finish your classic car restoration project: 

Don’t Always Rely on Local

It’s always a nice feeling to shop locally, and there’s no reason why you still can’t when it comes to some things. When you’re restoring an old car, though, you will likely not find everything you need is in your home town, and looking for car parts online becomes an ideal solution. 

When you browse the internet for parts specific to your make and model, an entirely new world opens up. All of a sudden, you’re not limited by what’s nearby, but rather what’s in your budget instead. 

Organization is Essential

Ripping a project car apart takes no time at all, but how you undertake this process can make all the difference to how long it takes you to finish it. With each section of the vehicle that you pull apart, document and itemize the parts that come off it. 

Put bolts, nuts, and clasps in bags, and take photos from various angles to help you assemble it at the other end. Car restoration can take years, so you can’t rely on your memory to help you put it back together in the same way you tore it apart.


Ask for Help

There are nearly 800,000 mechanics in the United States, which means there is certainly no shortage of skilled people to lend a hand. There is going to come a time when something stumps you. Many people might shelf the project until they can figure out what to do, but asking for help can see you carry on with minimal delay. 

Do Your Homework

You might consider yourself to be pretty handy with cars. You might even class yourself as a prolific tinkerer. If it got down to the nuts and bolts of the matter – literally – could you really say you know everything about your project car? Probably not. It’s time to hit the books. 

Get your hands on a restoration manual and learn the inner workings of the beast. There are tens of thousands of books dedicated to helping you restore your vehicle to its former glory.


Don’t Cut Corners

You might think that cutting corners is a sure-fire way to speed up the classic car restoration project. Sure, it allows you to move onto the next part of the restoration, but it will likely come back and bite you near the end. If you intend to restore a car, then do it properly. You can then retain its value, trust it to operate as it should, and know that you’ve put all your passion and love into the project.

A classic car restoration project must be one of passion and love. Otherwise, it can take years to achieve with no real end in sight. If you’re about to get a new project car underway, then take note of these tips above. You’ll be surprised at how much they can help.

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