Aston Martin V8 Vantage Humiliated By Honda Civic Type R Around Nurburgring

German automotive publication Sport Auto decided to head on over to the Nurburgring and humiliate the Aston Martin V8 Vantage… because they had nothing better to do. After setting a timed, representative lap it turns out that Gaydon’s glory is slower than the comparatively humble Honda Civic Type R. The 510PS V8 Vantage set a time of 7.43,92 min around the Nordschleife. 

A few months ago, the Honda Civic Type R set a time of 7.43,8 min, therefore beating the V8 Vantage by the slimmest of margins. However the time was set during different times of the year, and the Type R is made to perform whereas the Vantage has no performance namesake just yet.

However, this Aston Martin in standard trim still belts out 510PS and has a £120,000 entry-level asking price. The Honda Civic Type R, by comparison, produces 310PS and costs up to £40,000. In this case, it is fair to say performance should not only be measured in power stats.

The Honda Civic weighs in at 1,384kg whereas the Vantage weighs 1,710kg. Weight is the key factor here and the reason why the V8 Vantage was humiliated – by the narrowest of margins – by a Honda Civic Type R.

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