9 Easy Steps to Prepare Your Car for Shipping


When you opt to relocate from one area to another, it may be vital to ship a car to your new destination. Before shipment, it’s necessary to prepare the vehicle to ensure safe and expedient arrival. Making all the essential preparations greatly reduces the possibilities of any damages and their respective repair costs; it also ensures the secureness of the valuable items and helps the transport to be on schedule. The following are possible, a step-by-step guide when shipping a vehicle.

Step 1: Find a Reliable Car Transport Service

Transportation services use big trucks to transports vehicles across long distances, and choosing trustworthy interstate car movers is essential. This requires adequate research before shipping a car to find services with reasonable prices and the best reputations.

Step 2: Ask About Insurance

Even though a good transportation company should do everything possible to protect your vehicles while in transit, accidents may still occur. Insurance coverage helps offset the cost of repairs. You should contact the insurance company where current policies are held to confirm whether the coverage will be active while the vehicle is being moved. You must also check to find out the kind of insurance the transportation company possesses and how much coverage is available. Inquire to see their insurance certificate for confirmation.

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Step 3: Clear Out the Junk

Having personal items in a car during transportation can cause problems ranging from damage to theft. It is good to take time to clear out valuables before handing the vehicle off to the truckers coming to pick it up.

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Step 4: Clean Up the Car

You are taking the time to do a complete wash job before transportation allows for a more accurate assessment of the car’s condition. Of course, you don’t have to do it yourself; you could choose to take your vehicle to a detailing shop if doing this work isn’t your thing. 

Step 5: Record Existing Damage

You should give your car a careful inspection inside and out. Note down all scratches, dings, scuffs, and other. Take photos to back up these notes with visual proof, and make at least one copy of the snapshots. It’s also good to make a note of any known mechanical issues and also write down the odometer reading.

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Step 6: Secure Loose Parts or Openings

A vehicle with moving parts or parts with the potential to come loose while in transit needs proper attention before shipment. Ensuring these parts are secure is essential to prevent damage to the car as well as keeping other drivers traveling near the transport vehicle safe.

Step 7: Schedule an Inspection

Before a vehicle is shipped, it should be looked over by a knowledgeable mechanic. Unexpected, hidden, or unknown issues may be uncovered and be fixed immediately or handled once the car arrives at its new destination.

Step 8: Find or Get Spare Keys

The truckers meant for shipping services need a set of keys to move cars onto and off of transport vehicles. While some cars have spare keys, others only come with one set. If the latter is the situation, obtain duplicate keys before the vehicle is moved.

Step 9: Inspect Upon Arrival

Car damage may occur at any point during shipment; therefore, the vehicle must be looked over before the trucker from the transport company leaves.

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There are more choices for moving a car across the country. You can choose to drive yourself or hire interstate car movers, but many people prefer shipment because of its convenience, however, it’s necessary to follow the above steps to prepare your car for shipping.

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